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0001518SkyChartOtherpublic16-02-29 18:16
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Summary0001518: Pluto and other dwarf planet new maps
DescriptionCurrent Pluto map used in CDC seems incomplete. It is not clearly seen from main CDC view since limiting minimum FOV to 2 sec, however looking raw map and using xplanet close view (and using by future Solar system improvement), it seems that 50% blurry.

As well, what is your opinion to add maps for few other main dwarf planets?
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Patrick Chevalley

16-02-29 18:16

administrator   ~0003326

I decrease the minimum FOV to 1 arcsec in rev 3257, this improve the view a bit at least on big screen.

The Pluto map is the best available after the New Horizon pass last summer.
The blurry part is the area not in sight during the closest approach, so make only with more distant pictures on the previous rotation.
The part without any detail is the area in permanent shadow because of the high pole inclination of Pluto.
We not expect better pictures of Pluto for the next few decades.

Other draft planets like Sedna or Eris are only know as a dot of light. Any picture you can see in the press are artist speculation.
I not want to add such "map" in CdC.

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