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0001568SkyChart1-Softwarepublic16-11-29 12:37
ReporterSasa Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinux 32-bitOSKubuntu 
Product Version3.11 SVN 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version3.11 SVN 
Summary0001568: Weird close up
DescriptionAt some small FOV, weird images are shown.

It seems it is a bug in BGRA however I cannot be sure about.
Steps To Reproduce1. Set Solar eclipse 1999-08-11 11:05:05
2. Set FOV to 5deg (icon click)
3. Search Moon and do not lock
4. Set FOV to 30min (icon click) - weird rendering as shown
5. By arrows micro-move up then down - in both cases seems to all become normal.

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16-11-21 20:32


Weird closeup.png (471,477 bytes)   
Weird closeup.png (471,477 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

16-11-24 11:58

administrator   ~0003400

I cannot reproduce the problem.

Can you save the chart with the problem and upload the .cdc3 file.


16-11-24 17:19

reporter   ~0003425


On load the file it show the same weird display. I can confirm the same for larger screen resolutions as well.


16-11-24 17:21


Weird closeup.cdc3 (11,036 bytes)


16-11-24 19:58

reporter   ~0003432

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It seems all start to collapse when physical memory run out...
That is really strange.

Is it possible to try to upgrade with new version of BGRA lib? It is not trivial to use new lib with CDC existed code as far I have tried - some more or less demanding modifications are necessary.

Patrick Chevalley

16-11-24 20:18

administrator   ~0003433

For me you saved chart load without problem, but I will not reach memory limit as I have 16GB. Skychart use about 300MB of memory after loading the chart.

I can update bgra, I do it last time about one year ago so it is good to update again now.

Patrick Chevalley

16-11-24 20:48

administrator   ~0003434

I have updated bgrabitmap to the last git version in revision 3326:

No change require in skychart, it compile and work fine. I just have to check a color problem I have on Mac with the previous version using tomorrow build.

And about the memory problem, can you try to add about 500MB of swap file? even if performance is bad this can confirm that memory is the problem.


16-11-24 22:51

reporter   ~0003435

With new Lazarus and recent revision of fpc3.0.0, installation of all components passed.

However, this rendering bug persist. I will try to change the size of the swap tomorrow.


16-11-25 17:11

reporter   ~0003436

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With new 4GB of swap (previous 1GB), all is the same.
I have even tried with deactivated swap - the same.

As well, something similar happens with Saturn on close up.

Patrick Chevalley

16-11-29 12:37

administrator   ~0003451

Fixed by new drawing code using bgrabitmap in rev 3339:

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