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0001695SkyChart1-Softwarepublic18-01-23 09:30
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PlatformPC with Win10 
Product Version4.0 
Summary0001695: Problem with Night Vision in CdC .... in v3.1 it was much better :-(
DescriptionI "think" that I posted this problem into the wrong section .... I am trying again!!!

Night vision on Carte Du Ciel v3.1 used to automatically give night vision on my telescope control program (in my case I am using Autoslew produced by ASA Telescopes)which was just perfect.

 Now I am using CdC v4 this no longer works in conjunction with Autoslew ... which is a real pain :-(((

 Also ... is it possible to reduce the amount of white still surrounding the CdC screen even when it is in "night vision" mode??

 Am I doing something wrong with my new version???
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has duplicate 0001694 closed Problem with night vision 


Patrick Chevalley

17-03-25 13:56

administrator   ~0003746

Changing global color from an application is something that worked fine on Windows 95 and Windows 2000 but as been deprecated since then.
With Windows 10 no more include the "Windows classic" theme this option became useless.

The solution is to use a dark theme in the Windows setting.

Do using “Hight Contrast Black” theme solve your problem?

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