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0001718SkyChart2-Catalog datapublic17-06-04 11:30
ReporterJacques Montier Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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PlatformGentoo Linux OS 
Summary0001718: Arasbeam catalog issue

I can't update the Arasbeam Be stars catalog with the two or three last versions of Skychart.
I get "Request sent ; waiting response" and that's all.
The only way for me is to run wget.


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Jacques Montier

17-05-29 11:45


arasbeam_download.png (14,308 bytes)   
arasbeam_download.png (14,308 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

17-05-29 13:41

administrator   ~0003827

Bonjour Jacques,

For me it work fine, the file is downloaded just a second after I click the button.

Can you check if there is not something wrong in Setup / Internet / Proxy ?

Do other download from CdC work or not? try the menu Update / Comet elements for example.

Jacques Montier

17-05-31 14:00

reporter   ~0003829

Hello, Patrick,

I could download Comet catalog without problem, but not arasbeam.
It was just a permission issue.
The cat directory was root:root and i could not access it.
I changed it to the user (jacques) directory and now it works fine !



Patrick Chevalley

17-06-04 11:30

administrator   ~0003835

Yes, you must have write access to the directory.

I add a readme.txt file to the installation zip file and added the following line:
"Extract the zip in any directory you have full write access using your user account, preferably in your Documents folder."

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