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0001913SkyChart1-Softwarepublic18-03-11 15:06
ReporterJacques Montier Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Summary0001913: Check version problem
DescriptionHello all,
I cannot check anymore Skychart version via internet as it worked some days ago.
I get the error message "cannot check version now, check your internet connection".
My internet connection is however ok.
Thanks for your help.

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Patrick Chevalley

18-03-11 12:17

administrator   ~0004559

The problem was to access the Skychart website this morning because of a DDOS attack on French fiber provider.
This is normally solved now but it may take some more time depending on your ISP.
Please let me know if it still not work this evening.


Jacques Montier

18-03-11 14:32

reporter   ~0004560

Thank you Patrick,
now it works !
I take the opportunity to say that Skychart is a really great soft !



Patrick Chevalley

18-03-11 15:06

administrator   ~0004561

Merci Jacques!

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