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0002217SkyChart3-Documentationpublic21-02-09 20:18
ReporterAlessandro Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 64bit
Product Version4.2 
Target Version4.4 
Summary0002217: asteroid research
I wanted to report a problem. I use an external program to control the observatory that interfaces with SkyChart to find objects of deep sky.
If I try to search for a numbered asteroid, I have no problems, but if I try to search for a new asteroid not yet numbered, the program finds nothing or returns incorrect values.
But if I try to do the same search directly on SkyChart, I find the asteroid.
I have already tried to contact the software developer who replied that there might be a problem with the search command in SkyChart.
Steps To ReproduceUse external software to manage the observatory that interface with SkyChart.
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Patrick Chevalley

19-10-25 09:23

administrator   ~0006027

Can you give an example of an asteroid name that not work?


19-10-25 13:31

reporter   ~0006029

2019 UU - 2017 MN don't find (and all non numbered asteroid; see:
162082 - Lumezzane find.

Patrick Chevalley

19-10-25 15:14

administrator   ~0006030

This is because the object name must be enclosed in double quote if it contain space character.

In this case it return info about asteroid number 2019 because it ignore anything after the first space:
> Chart_1 : 01h21m21.97s +13°58'10.4" As (2019) van Albada m: 15.1 ...

This return the right information:
SEARCH "2019 UU"
> Chart_1 : 01h29m05.33s -04°48'12.6" As 2019 UU m: 21.3 ...

Can you try this way?

I have updated the documentation with this information:


19-10-25 22:33

reporter   ~0006031

Thank you very much, I just tried and it works properly.

Coffano Alessandro

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