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0002378SkyChartGeneralpublic20-10-26 15:16
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 64bit
Summary0002378: Problem connecting to Meade LX600
DescriptionI have downloaded the latest version of Cartes du Ciel (skychart 4.3-4179), Meade UniversalSetup_1_2_2, and ASCOM 6.5 and cannot connect to my windows 10 PC for computer control. I use Meade's #507 cable.
I have a new 12" LX600 which is sitting on my table top waiting for a Z- wedge to be delivered. Can someone walk me through the procedure to connect to my PC? There are a number of options to choose from such as selecting the interface and configuration, and could use some help.
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Patrick Chevalley

20-10-23 09:05

administrator   ~0006805

There is unfortunately very little I can do to help you because I never use a LX600 and very rarely any Meade, this is why I let other Meade user to reply to the question on the group messages.

View from Skychart this is a standardized ASCOM driver and I cannot get any detail of what is running on the hardware and wiring.

You can probably get better help from a Meade user group or from the driver developer. But I let this issue open if someone read it and know a response.

Arthur Levine

20-10-25 13:22

reporter   ~0006808

Are you saying that Cartes du Ciel has a built in ASCOM driver? If so then I may need to uninstall the ASCOM stand alone driver. I've been told that this may cause a clash.

Patrick Chevalley

20-10-26 15:16

administrator   ~0006810

No, there is no built in ASCOM driver. You must install an ASCOM driver compatible with your mount.

The goal of ASCOM is to provide a standard interface between the client software, like Cartes du Ciel, and the mount driver. This standard interface hide all the mount specifics to the client.
This way Cartes du Ciel do not see any difference when the mount is a Meade, a Celestron, a iOptron, or any other.

This make Cartes du Ciel totally unsuitable to search for low level issue like a cable connection.

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