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0002386SkyChartOtherpublic20-12-10 19:54
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 64bit
Product Version4.2 
Summary0002386: Problem with iOptron Mount Driver
DescriptionBug with Cartes du Ciel, no Telescope anymore!
Erased and reinstalled Cartes du Ciel 4.2 and 4.2.1 together with ASCOM 6.4 and 6.5. Each program always seperately.
When I try to connect Telescope iOptron CEM25P, I get following message: see below screenshot.
I am not the kind of person who plays around with things which I do not know.
iOptron CEM25P with its corresponding driver is still perfecly running with Stellarium Scope and AstroArt7.
But not Cartes du Ciel.
Need help please.

CS, Martin
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20-11-22 20:20


Screenshot 2020-11-22 190154.jpg (154,024 bytes)   
Screenshot 2020-11-22 190154.jpg (154,024 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

20-11-22 21:06

administrator   ~0006825

This error is probably because you install the 64bit version of Cartes du Ciel but the driver only support 32bit.

Be sure to reinstall the 32bit version of Cartes du Ciel 4.2.1, it work perfectly on windows 10 64bit.


20-11-23 23:56

reporter   ~0006828

Thank you very much for your reply and such fast answer.
I apologize to be so late to write you back.
Yes you are right, the 32bit Version is the one to go now.
My mount is getting connected again and synchronizes to Cartes du Ciel.
It is just strange to me why some time ago my mount worked perfectly with the 4.2 Version in 64 bit?
I got no glue about it, only thing which I can tell is that I had recently problems with the iOptron Drivers, and big job to get the mount back working over the computer, and no cable snap anywhere...
Windows identified the driver from the iOptron website as virus, as I tried to load em down.
Thank you very much again for your reply.
Best regards,

Patrick Chevalley

20-11-24 09:04

administrator   ~0006829

Thank you to confirm that.
It is difficult to say why it worked in 64bit in the past.
Maybe the antivirus block some 64bit part?
Or one of the other application you use is 32bit and if it connect to the mount first you can no more connect a 64bit application.


20-12-08 23:37

reporter   ~0006840

I want to give a little update to how things been working now, for anyone who runs the same type of driver or mount, together with several programs and maybe some issue like I had. Straight forward would like to say, to prevent any conflict which might occur, I never run two programs of the same type at the same time for one purpose or item.
Today I was capable to install the newer driver for iOptron ASCOM 5750, which is a 64bit. I was a bit surprised that it took this long till iOptron released a updated Driver. To accomplish requirements and ease of use with N.I.N.A and ASTAP plate solving, I gave it a go(even I was sacred that there might go something wrong, typical reaction from someone without a mighty muscled PC).
So I also of course reinstalled Cartes du Ciel 4.2.1 in 64bit, after previously deleting manually 32bit version. I could connect straight with the CEM 25P Mount after configuration, and I was really happy to see that it works the same like nearly a year ago.
Also have been carefully updating AstroArt7 and Stellarium Scope the newer driver.
I would like to thank one more time the good advice given from Mr. Patrick Chevalley.

CS, Martin

Patrick Chevalley

20-12-10 19:54

administrator   ~0006841

Thank you very much for all this detail.
I am sure this can help other to solve a similar issue.

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