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0002441SkyChart1-Softwarepublic21-05-30 21:07
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 64bit
Product Version4.3 beta 
Summary0002441: Skychart looses configuration after update
DescriptionI have installed skycharts via your ppa. I some cases it looses location and some other configuration data after skychart updates. If it happens, skycharts asks for location after start.
My workaround is to have skycharts.ini on my desktop to recover it fast.
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Thomas Jaeger

21-05-23 23:11


Patrick Chevalley

21-05-30 19:08

administrator   ~0007097

This is strange because the Linux installer never touch the user configuration. This is not possible because the installer is run as root and it don't know which user will run the program. So contrarily to Windows the configuration is not even removed when the program is uninstalled.

I see some possibility for that:
- you run the program with another user after the upgrade.
- the configuration in ~/.skychart get altered for some external reason.
- you modified the skychart.desktop file to use a specific configuration location, the update replace the skychart.desktop file so it return to the standard location.

Also on some occasion the configuration is updated with new values the first time the program is run. This last occur in December to change the default ephemeris from DE430 to DE440. I never have an issue with that, and this is only possible if you upgraded from a version from last year.

Can you confirm one of this possibility? or if not can you give more information on the way you run the program

Thomas Jaeger

21-05-30 21:07

reporter   ~0007098

No, I cannot confirm any of this possibilities, and I was not an update from December too.
I usually start skycharts from the linux mint start menue. On my astrolaptop I do it from a script:

# Script to start all astrophoto software
echo "Starte Indistarter"
sleep 5
echo "Starte Dateimanger"
nemo /home/starhopper/CCD&
sleep 5
echo "Start EQMOD GUI"
sleep 5
echo "Starte Skycharts"
sleep 5
echo "Starte CCDCiel"
sleep 2
echo "Starte PHD"
sleep 2

I had lost skycharts config on all of my three linux pc's. But it is not predictable.
Close this issue, if no one besides me has this issue too. I can play back skycharts.ini to recover.


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