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0002481SkyChart1-Softwarepublic21-10-29 14:36
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Summary0002481: Chart filled with labels if Gaia EDR3 catalog is seleted without xhip catalog
DescriptionEnabling Gaia EDR3 catalog in settings and disabling xhip catalog, makes the chart filled with labels of Gaia objects (see image). It doesn't happen when xhip catalog is enabled along with Gaia.
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Mattia Verga

21-10-27 19:02


Screenshot_20211027_185812.png (363,918 bytes)   
Screenshot_20211027_185812.png (363,918 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

21-10-28 09:32

administrator   ~0007258

Yes, by default CdC show star label only for the main star catalog to prevent to label all the faint stars.
But this can be controlled by the option "Display label for all star catalogs" in Setup / Display / Labels. When checked it show both XHIP and GAIA labels.

When only GAIA is selected it become the main catalog and the labels are displayed. This is the same if you select only Tycho-2 for example.

You can totally remove this labels by unselecting "Stars" at the top of Setup / Display / Labels, or show less labels by increasing the value for "Magnitude difference".

Mattia Verga

21-10-29 10:00

reporter   ~0007259

Ah, yes, I see.

Meanwhile, I've also noticed that deselecting xhip catalog makes the Sun and the Moon apparent diameter very big. See screenshot.
Screenshot_20211029_095705.png (311,238 bytes)   
Screenshot_20211029_095705.png (311,238 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

21-10-29 10:57

administrator   ~0007260

Thank you to remark this effect, this is because the magnitude range is set with wrong default value when no star catalog is active.

This is fixed by:

Mattia Verga

21-10-29 12:32

reporter   ~0007261

I can confirm it is fixed. Thanks.

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