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0002485SkyChart1-Softwarepublic21-12-04 21:16
ReporterChris Poynter Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 64bit
Product Version4.3 beta 
Summary0002485: Unable to run - reports administrator mode
DescriptionFresh install of beta version 4.3
Starting program from desktop icon reports error as per attached image.
Program closes
Checking Properties of icon, Advanced, Run as administrator option is unchecked.
Steps To ReproduceHave also run from the .exe file in the folder with the same result.
Additional InformationWindows 10 64 bit, all updates installed.
Dell XPS 13 (9380), 16gb memory.
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Chris Poynter

21-11-28 02:28


CDC error.png (112,363 bytes)   
CDC error.png (112,363 bytes)   

Chris Poynter

21-11-28 05:38

reporter   ~0007271

Have done a full uninstall, restart of PC, and fresh install of beta version 4.3, same result.
Uninstalled again, fresh install of version 4.2, no problems at all.

Patrick Chevalley

21-11-28 10:20

administrator   ~0007274

This message is because the program detect it is running with administrator right, this is something I not want.

Are you sure it really not run as administrator and UAC is enabled on the computer?

When you run the version 4.2.1, do it show a message about administrator in the title bar, as in attached screen shot?

Patrick Chevalley

21-11-28 10:26

administrator   ~0007275

admin42.png (3,389 bytes)   
admin42.png (3,389 bytes)   

Chris Poynter

21-11-28 11:14

reporter   ~0007276

Thanks Patrick, yes, I do get that message with Version 4.2.1, have never noticed it before.
UAC is enabled on my computer.
Does this mean that everything is running in administrator mode?
I have no idea how to change that?

Patrick Chevalley

21-11-28 15:22

administrator   ~0007277

This is very strange. I try different UAC setting on my computer but I cannot reproduce this error.
So I need your help to search what is different on your computer.

A first question, is this computer managed by an enterprise or university IT department?

To be sure of the mode the program run I will ask you to install Process Explorer from Microsoft.
Open this page , use the download link at the top of the page.
Extract the zip somewhere in your computer.
Open the folder in Windows explorer, locate the file procexp.exe , right click to run it as administrator.

Now start skychart 4.2 or 4.3.
Locate skychart.exe in Process Explorer list on the left (or type skychart in the filter on top right), right click and select Properties.
Open the Security tab, resize so everything is show and take a screenshot.

Patrick Chevalley

21-11-28 16:20

administrator   ~0007279

I also make a small test program that show the result of the functions I use to test for administrator mode in skychart.

Can you download the attached zip file, extract and execute testadmin.exe , upload a screenshot of the result. (931,511 bytes)

Chris Poynter

21-11-29 00:09

reporter   ~0007280

Thank you for your time Patrick!
Screen shots attached.
Process Explorer.png (422,588 bytes)   
Process Explorer.png (422,588 bytes)   
Testadmin.png (225,827 bytes)   
Testadmin.png (225,827 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

21-11-29 10:42

administrator   ~0007281

Thank you for the testing.

Process Explorer indicate that skychart.exe really run as admin.
This is indicated by the two lines:
BUILTIN\Administrators Owner
NT AUTHORITY\Local account and member of Administrator group Mandatory

When running as standard user the two value must be Deny instead of Owner and Mandatory.

But the test program run normally with the standard user.
It indicate that UAC is enabled, it is not running as administrator and the process elevation is limited. If skychart.exe is launched the same way it will work without error message.

Process Explorer also show that skychart.exe is started by Launchy.
Are you sure there is not a config in Launchy to run as admin or is Launchy itself running as admin?

If not, can you check with Process Explorer, the same way you do for skychart.exe, if any of the parent process run as admin. In the screen shot this concern Launchy.exe and Explorer.exe.
Look for the row BUILTIN\Administrators Owner

Chris Poynter

21-11-30 04:27

reporter   ~0007282

Hi Patrick,
I have checked all other processes that are running at the same time as skychart.exe
All have Deny on the lines you identified.
BUILTIN\Administrators Owner
NT AUTHORITY\Local account and member of Administrator group Mandatory

I don't want to waste your time on this, you have much more important things to do.
My usage of skychart is limited, I doubt that I would understand much of the new features in 4.3!
I will stick with 4.2 which serves me well!
Thank you for a great program!

Patrick Chevalley

21-11-30 14:58

administrator   ~0007283

One last thing your can try is to rename or copy skychart.exe to skychart1.exe in C:\Program Files\Ciel\ then open skychart1 from the explorer.
This must nullify any old setup that was done for skychart.exe.

Mattia Verga

21-11-30 15:29

reporter   ~0007284

Last edited: 21-11-30 15:30

Chris, you wrote "Checking Properties of icon, Advanced, Run as administrator option is unchecked.".

You should also check under the Compatibility tab that there's no check on "Run as administrator"... it seems this can be set in two different places.

Patrick Chevalley

21-11-30 17:20

administrator   ~0007285

Thank you Mattia, I never remarked that. The worst is the two options can be set independently without notice on the other.

Chris Poynter

21-12-01 01:10

reporter   ~0007286

Thank you Patrick, I renamed the .exe file and everything works
Thank you for your time.

Patrick Chevalley

21-12-04 21:16

administrator   ~0007304

Thank you to report your solution.

This is somewhat brutal, but OK if you cannot find where the setting was applied. Remember to do it after every upgrade!

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