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0002640SkyChart1-Softwarepublic23-09-07 22:39
ReporterStewart Tansley Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 64bit
Product Version4.3 beta 
Summary0002640: "Telescope disconnected on its own" is non-cancelable and can only be got out of by quitting the app
DescriptionIf a connected telescope disconnects unintentionally (e.g. cable pulled out, power failure. etc.), the modal dialog "Telescope disconnected on its own" is displayed, and no further action is possible with the app, so you have to quit the app to do anything further.
Steps To ReproduceStart app.
Connect telescope.
Disconnect telescope externally (e.g. pull out USB cable).
See modal dialog.
Additional InformationExpected behavior: the dialog should be cancelable so the user can continue to use the app as if the telescope had never been connected, and for the user to manually re-connect the telescope when it's ready.

Note the current text in the dialog also has a typo, "it's" should be "its". I'll report this as a separate bug.
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Patrick Chevalley

23-08-08 11:02

administrator   ~0008498

I cannot reproduce this problem using the Eqmod driver.
When I remove the USB cable I get the message "Telescope disconnected on its own" but a click on OK close this dialog and the program continue normally.

Maybe the telescope driver for your telescope is blocking in this case? can you indicate which driver you use.

Stewart Tansley

23-09-06 10:33

reporter   ~0008539

This was happening on iOptron's driver v8.0.0.0. I'll try to repro on the current

Stewart Tansley

23-09-06 19:00

reporter   ~0008542

Update: conveniently, I've just seen this repro on 4.3-4624 on iOptron 9.0.70.

Sequence seems to be:
1. Everything connected and running, e.g. end of a night's session.
2. Hard power off the mount.
3. NINA won't quit, or quits slowly (this may reinforce it is the iOptron driver that is holding up everyone else).
4. CdC throws alert "Telescope disconnected on its own!".
5. Press ok on the alert flashes the dialog but repeats in an endless loop.
6. You can't quit the app since the alert is modal and the window controls (including the X close control) is grayed out.

Comment: even if NINA is also stuck, CdC should allow the modal alert to be non-modal so the user can quit manually and cleanly -- currently user has to go to Task Manager in Windows to hard-quit CdC or restart Windows, which is severe.

Stewart Tansley

23-09-07 22:39

reporter   ~0008543

Further update: the hard power off seems to be key. If you just quit the iOptron software (Commander, providing the ASCOM driver), CdC does report "Telescope disconnected on its own", but does not get stuck in an infinite loop. It shows the dialog once and then allows to quit the app. If you turn off the power underneath the iOptron software though, CdC gets "stuck".

iOptron is holding CdC open because iOptron is not closing cleanly? CdC should still not get stuck though.

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