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0000320SkyChart1-Softwarepublic09-01-12 10:19
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Summary0000320: Including Pictures from Astronomy Communities
DescriptionHello Team of CDC,

your project is a real clou. I like it very much and looking forward to the further development of it.

I ofter surf on amatuer bzw Pro Astronomy Communities. Their users are often publishing very good Atronomy related images from COmets, deepsky objects and much more.

Sometimes i think it would be great to have an option for this communities to publish this photos to CDC.

Steps maybe as follows .

1. User is Publishing his Image to the forum.

2. In the publishing menu is an option Menu "Publish it to CDC".

   In this Menu he can enter the following
   Author :
   Name of Picture :
   Name of Object :
   Catalog Number , NGC number etc :
   Link to Picture,
   Coordinats on Sky ,
   Field of View,
   Ephemerides if necessary.

3. by clicking "OK" his image is posted to the forum and the information enterd in the "Publish to CDC " Menu is send to a server which is hosting only a little database which contens the send informations.

4. CDC User loads Imagelink-database.

5. CDC shows selected objects

I think this feature it would be very interesting for many users.
The advantage of this solution is that traffic wouldnt be on one server and only a "Little" database must be on a centrlaized server or perhaps downloadabel from the communiies sites.

I would trie it myself but im not so much skilled in Programming.

MFG Smithsonian


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