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0000033SkyChart1-Softwarepublic16-12-08 11:23
ReporterSasa Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Product Version3.0.1.1 SVN 
Target Version5.0 
Summary0000033: Position navigaton
DescriptionA small form for position navigation speedbuttons would be very useful by side with current possibilities.
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Patrick Chevalley

06-03-30 21:11

administrator   ~0000069

Good idea. This may help when mouse accessibility is better than keyboard.

I hesitate between a new form and integration with the existing Position form. The two solution have their advantage.


06-03-31 10:47

reporter   ~0000071

It is attached small project example of how form may look (some important elements missing, as this is only proposal view). I prefer it to be all on one place, integrated with observer position (I will later submit suggestion for redesigning CDC main form).

The form should be On-Top for fast access. It is also much useful if it can be roll up/down form/panels instead. Date and time view here can be all on LCD components (most probably, the component exists somewhere) with green or orange background. Than size of the form can be even smaller and will definitelly look much better.

Time settings:
- Combobox control viewing and editing datetime format, as is Local, UTC or Julian
- Backward time, Stop, Forward time speedbuttons and time unit
- Probably also interested delay between drawing duration and "Now" button

Observer's position settings, fast change of observer position:
- Combobox contain short position name and index refer to actuall observer position data. These macros can be set to Observer setting menu ("Add to be fast found" button, or similar )
- It also contain fast Customizable setting position. Otherwise, Longitude and Latitude are read-only.
- It can additionaly contain other important elements currently not shown in example.

Position to look on:
- Combobox similar finctionality as observers combobox. It can be modified here by adding button "Add currently active position/object"
- It also contain fast Customizable setting position - RA and DEC are always manually configurable
- Arrow using is standard. Clicking on center by left mouse button - Zoom-In, right button Zoom-Out. Also can be interested mannualy change moving factor, which even mannualy added can be automatically modified according zoom deph.

Patrick Chevalley

10-09-28 17:17

administrator (6,056 bytes)


16-12-08 11:23

reporter   ~0003480

Ouch! Another 10 years old issue... :)

Is it still actual? I still find navigation is a bit limited in CDC.

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