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0000380SkyChart1-Softwarepublic14-08-10 13:28
ReporterJoseph Zeglinski Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86OSWindowsOS VersionXP
Product Version3.0.1.4 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version3.11 SVN 
Summary0000380: Request display of Prime Meridian Line & Sidereal Time on chart
Description   Unless I missed it, I don't see a way of setting a "marker line" on the coordinate grids showing precisely the current position of the PRIME MERIDIAN. This would be helpful, ergonomically, to differentiate stars on the AM or PM side of the chart - for whatever orientation, or grid system, it is in.

   In fact, there is also no display of the current SIDEREAL TIME.
So far, I have been clicking on "any object" just to get a report window, and scroll down to the "Sidereal Time value". This is a long way to go, just to get such a simple thing. This takes too many steps, and too much time.
Perhaps it can be added to the upper left info under Local Time.
Even better, a resizable (analogue/digital) Sidereal Clock icon, which could also show Local Civil, and Sidereal time, hanging over the chart. If toggled off, it could go back to the menu bar.

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Patrick Chevalley

08-10-26 20:47

administrator   ~0000724

revision 1046 add a panel with time display from View/Clock menu.
Prime meridian is show using a double width line on alt/az display. It would be confusing on other coordinates system.

Patrick Chevalley

08-11-06 22:41

administrator   ~0000745

revision 1077 use the "other line" color for prime meridian for more visibility.

Joseph Zeglinski

14-06-30 00:01

reporter   ~0002894

   Sorry, don't understand your reply RE: revision 1077
Are you saying that the Prime Meridian has now been allowed to be displayed?

Regarding your second reply ...
revision 1077 use the "other line" color for prime meridian for more visibility.

 ... I don't see a box to define the Prime Meridian line color, and there is no "use other color" in the Display->Lines configuration option. The only mention is to "Display only meridian in Alt/Az".

   I really need to have the PM displayed in Equatorial grid charts. I thought this would have been implemented by now in version 3.10


Patrick Chevalley

14-07-30 11:09

administrator   ~0002903

The prime meridian is show using the color for "Misc. lines", the last one in Setup / Display / Colour.

It is still not show on equatorial chart but I will look to add it.

Patrick Chevalley

14-08-10 13:28

administrator   ~0002910

Revision 2974 add an option "Always add meridian" in Setup / Display / Lines.
This draw the local meridian and horizon line with any coordinates system other than Alt/Az.

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