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0000657SkyChart1-Softwarepublic12-12-31 10:04
ReporterAndreas Langbein Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.1 SVN 
Target Version5.0 
Summary0000657: Configuration mixed up with multiple charts
DescriptionWhen more than one chart is opened some options from the Setup menu get applied to all charts. Maybe that's intentional, but I think at least the catalog settings and the object filter should be separate for each chart. Here are these options:

Chart,coordinates->Field of vision
Chart,coordinates->Object filter
Chart,coordinates->Grid spacing
Chart,coordinates->Object List
Solar System->Solar System->Data files
Solar System->Planet->Image options
Display->Lines->Constellation figures/boundaries file name
Pictures->DSS RealSky
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Patrick Chevalley

10-09-03 08:22

administrator   ~0001250

It is good to do that before 3.2 because it may cause compatibility problem with old saved chart as option are to be moved to other section.
It may also imply to change the setting panel group to make clear what is chart specific and what is installation specific.

Just a few remark:

Chart,coordinates->Object List : do not affect the chart, it is more a personal preference of what you want to see with the Object list button. Maybe move the setting to another section?

Catalog->everything : OK for the checkbox and field number but not the path that are installation specific.

Solar System->Solar System->Data files : again this path is installation specific, not chart specific. In my idea a saved file can be loaded on another computer, even saved on Linux and loaded on Windows.

Display->Lines->Constellation figures/boundaries file name : same problem

Pictures->DSS RealSky : nothing to do with the saved chart, it only affect the next time you press the DSS button.

Andreas Langbein

10-09-03 13:58

reporter   ~0001253

"Catalog->everything : OK for the checkbox and field number but not the path that are installation specific."

Yes, but only for the standard catalogs. The paths for the CatGen catalogs are saved in the file, when you save a chart. That would mean, that if you open a second chart with a catalog with the same name but different path, the first chart will shows the wrong catalog.

Patrick Chevalley

10-09-07 14:46

administrator   ~0001264

I take a look at the required change and I think there too much risk to make this change now. I may take weeks or months to fix all the bug it will introduce.
I prefer to report this change after the version 3.2 release.

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