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Tool bar editor

You access this function from the main menu Setup → Tool bar editor or with a right mouse click on an empty area of a tool bar.

The available function are listed on the left, the currently configured tool bar are on the right. The functions on the left are grouped as in the menu.

Use the selection box on the top right to select the bar you want to edit.

  • To add a new button, select the function you want to add on the left, the position of the new button on the right, then click the right arrow button.
  • To remove a button, select the button on the right, click the left arrow button.
  • To change the position of a button, select the button on the right, click the up or down arrow button.
  • To move a button to another bar you need to remove it from the first bar and then add to the second.
  • The “Quick search” and the “Time Increment” selection are not intended to be placed in a vertical bar.

You can expand the left list with a click on the “+” button, or collapse it with the “-” button.

There is three buttons to set a preconfigured layout:

  • Minimal A single row of button intended for the observation at the telescope.
  • Standard The same button configuration as in the previous program version. Use this button to return to the default setting.
  • Empty Clear all the bar to allow you to start your own layout.

You can also increase the size of the button to make them more easy to click on the high resolution screen.
If you not add too much button for your screen size and if the button size is at least 40 you can also display the related text to help to learn the program functions.

When ready click the OK button to apply your change. Use the menu Setup → Save configuration now, to save your setting for a future session.

You can always select to show or hide a full tool bar from the menu View → Tool Bar, but an empty bar will never be show.

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