Scheduled For Release 20-09-15
0002478: [1-Software] Let stellar brightnesses change over time (proper motion) (Patrick Chevalley)
0002396: [1-Software] Minor tweaks for unit u_290.pas
0000495: [3-Documentation] It would be nice if programme can show daily events in a separate window
0002301: [1-Software] Comet tracking, value is wrong (Patrick Chevalley)
0001848: [1-Software] Change in Display dialog box behavior (Patrick Chevalley)
0001614: [1-Software] Even anti-aliasing drawing is selected - drawing is plain (Patrick Chevalley)
0000957: [1-Software] Additional Calendar fields (Patrick Chevalley)
0001267: [1-Software] Suggestions for deep sky labels (Patrick Chevalley)
0001382: [1-Software] Interface to create nebula outlines (Patrick Chevalley)
0001399: [1-Software] Ephemeris Calendar- ecliptic coordinates (Patrick Chevalley)
0000944: [1-Software] OpenGL charts (Patrick Chevalley)
0001273: [1-Software] Add Stars, Nebula, etc to calender (Patrick Chevalley)
0001420: [1-Software] Display star HR number as "Star label" option (Patrick Chevalley)
0001429: [1-Software] Add observatory name and coordinates to upper left information window (Patrick Chevalley)
0001434: [1-Software] Add Visibility for selected position to Calendar Window (Patrick Chevalley)
0001436: [Other] sélectionner l'affichage des étoiles doubles en fonction de la séparation (Patrick Chevalley)
0001437: [1-Software] After cln file select for one chart, all charts are reassigned that cln. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001618: [1-Software] Multiple core CPU usage (Patrick Chevalley)
0001631: [1-Software] Multiple chart control (Patrick Chevalley)
0001699: [1-Software] Make catgen use CSV delimited files (Patrick Chevalley)
0002074: [1-Software] Xplanet replacement with internal rendering engine
0001687: [1-Software] Finder Circles and Rectangular selection aren't visible when using black on white background (Patrick Chevalley)
0001762: [1-Software] Animation rendering for milky way slow (Patrick Chevalley)
0001389: [1-Software] Tracking stars with high proper motion does not work properly (Patrick Chevalley)
0002406: [1-Software] Richiesta nuovo comando (Patrick Chevalley)
0002285: [1-Software] Would like to display LHA (Patrick Chevalley)
0002256: [1-Software] Innacurate drawing of Double Stars when the Washington Double Star catalog is selected. (Patrick Chevalley)
0002251: [1-Software] Create blurred surface outlines catalogs with catgen (Patrick Chevalley)
0002223: [1-Software] Invalid raw image format. 16bit found but at least 24bit expected. (Patrick Chevalley)
0002207: [1-Software] "Orient to Pole" labels are placed incorrectly for stars and dsos (Patrick Chevalley)
0002210: [2-Catalog data] Use of DSS Colored fits from CDS (Patrick Chevalley)
0002192: [1-Software] Show altitude/airmass vs. time graph of selected objects in observing list window. (Patrick Chevalley)
0002088: [1-Software] Using gestures on a touchpad gives unexpected results (Patrick Chevalley)
0002067: [1-Software] Sorting ability - VTV
0001492: [1-Software] Artificial satellites update require Wine (Patrick Chevalley)
0001752: [1-Software] MySQL support (Patrick Chevalley)
0002039: [1-Software] Print common names for DSO objects (Patrick Chevalley)
0002043: [1-Software] No flattening/phases for planets in line mode (Patrick Chevalley)
0001869: [1-Software] Sorting object list problem (Patrick Chevalley)
0001947: [1-Software] Trajectories simulation labelling (Patrick Chevalley)
0001707: [1-Software] Artificial satellites tab - new columns suggestions (Patrick Chevalley)
0001751: [1-Software] problems using server commands (Patrick Chevalley)
0001757: [1-Software] Altitude / Azimuth coordinates in the ephemeris table (Patrick Chevalley)
0001766: [1-Software] Simplified deep sky searches (Patrick Chevalley)
0001821: [1-Software] Feature request: Jupiter moons graph (Patrick Chevalley)
0001857: [1-Software] Preview Image in the pick list. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001950: [1-Software] Bug affichage Saturne (Patrick Chevalley)
0001957: [1-Software] Add mercury and venus twilight chart (Patrick Chevalley)
0001965: [1-Software] Centered searched object is dislocated if it is under horizon (Patrick Chevalley)
0001235: [1-Software] Add "draw as symbol" for star catalog (Patrick Chevalley)
0001316: [1-Software] Increase Finder Circles (Patrick Chevalley)
0001320: [2-Catalog data] Greek star letters in catalogs (Patrick Chevalley)
0001326: [2-Catalog data] Auto update of planetary data (Patrick Chevalley)
0001327: [1-Software] Edit footer text when printing charts (Patrick Chevalley)
0001331: [1-Software] Option for display labels only when DSS background picture is shown. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001332: [1-Software] Do not display nonex objects option (Patrick Chevalley)
0001357: [1-Software] Option for Grid Markers (Patrick Chevalley)
0001358: [1-Software] show orbits of planetary satellites (Patrick Chevalley)
0001366: [1-Software] lettering of stars (Patrick Chevalley)
0001380: [1-Software] Position dialog improvement (Patrick Chevalley)
0001412: [1-Software] Open GL is not supported by all manufactures. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001427: [1-Software] .cln file only accepts 4 digit HR names but some have 5 or 6 digits (Patrick Chevalley)
0001441: [1-Software] File>Recent menu option or list of recent files at bottom of the File menu of 6+ cdc3 files (Patrick Chevalley)
0001443: [1-Software] Place Pictures on screen with x-y offset, scale, opacity options (Patrick Chevalley)
0001447: [1-Software] Display>Display> Add entry box for "Bright star size" and "Contrast" for more precise sizes (Patrick Chevalley)
0001449: [1-Software] Add a button to set the color of all magnitude stars (Patrick Chevalley)
0001450: [1-Software] Add options to set width for grid lines, constellational figures, boundaries, etc. (Patrick Chevalley)
0001464: [1-Software] Display menu>Chart Information> add Rotation box and opacity setting for background (Patrick Chevalley)
0001547: [1-Software] Add a way to select the displayed magnitude band at run time (Patrick Chevalley)
0001583: [1-Software] Adding direction in status info (Patrick Chevalley)
0001598: [1-Software] Add capability to read observing notes for an object (Patrick Chevalley)
0001684: [1-Software] Add keyboard shortcut editor (Patrick Chevalley)
0002420: [1-Software] Show effect of airmass on apparent object magnitude (Patrick Chevalley)
0002560: [1-Software] Menu (Patrick Chevalley)
0002525: [1-Software] server connection kept alive indefinitely (Patrick Chevalley)
0002522: [1-Software] Error when starting Ciel 4.3 (Patrick Chevalley)
0002520: [1-Software] HTTPS download do not work when only libssl version 3 is installed (Patrick Chevalley)
0002483: [1-Software] In some configuration screens text may overlap or not be visible (Patrick Chevalley)
0001457: [2-Catalog data] Automatic catalog generation with CatGen (Patrick Chevalley)
0002498: [1-Software] Parsing and processing artificial satellite file TLE.ZIP results in error: YYYY-M-DD is not a valid date specification. (Patrick Chevalley)
0002494: [1-Software] VO objects appearance doesn't follow the settings (Patrick Chevalley)
0002454: [1-Software] Need Button to copy text in the Status Bar to the clipboard. (Patrick Chevalley)
0002425: [2-Catalog data] Comet Hale-Bopp ephemeris off (Patrick Chevalley)
0002415: [1-Software] Possible anomaly in drawing lines from catalogs created with catgen (Patrick Chevalley)
0002418: [1-Software] Observing List has to be opened twice to become visible (Patrick Chevalley)
0002217: [3-Documentation] asteroid research (Patrick Chevalley)
0002405: [1-Software] CdC Version 4.3 beta 4257 error- Menu: All configuration Optons (Patrick Chevalley)
0002369: [1-Software] Program loads, not visible (Patrick Chevalley)
0002373: [1-Software] Feature request: horizon picture darkening with the arrival of night time (Patrick Chevalley)
0002380: [1-Software] Saturn Satellite displayed position incorrect (Patrick Chevalley)
0002381: [1-Software] Changement du répertoire catalogue impossible sur CdC Hipparcos (Patrick Chevalley)
0002374: [1-Software] QuickSat: Hit limit of 5000 reading intrinsic magnitudes file (Patrick Chevalley)
0002358: [1-Software] Printout - with lines (Patrick Chevalley)
0002361: [1-Software] FOVI Guider dont turn with SHIFT Command (Patrick Chevalley)
0002350: [1-Software] Not finding comets (Patrick Chevalley)
0002345: [1-Software] Comet/asteroid trajectories are hidden when object is too far outside viewport (Patrick Chevalley)
0002343: [1-Software] 1st "APT > Show" to CdC gives wrong location (Patrick Chevalley)
0002344: [1-Software] Making observing list able to load mosaic cdcc files (Patrick Chevalley)
0002324: [1-Software] Cartes Du Ciel HandPad Malfunction (Patrick Chevalley)
0001958: [1-Software] Add button up and down event in script (Patrick Chevalley)
0002319: [1-Software] Solar System objects not displayed (Patrick Chevalley)
0002302: [2-Catalog data] NGC2652 (non-existent) shows adjacent to NGC2974
0000266: [1-Software] Comets and asteroids
0001758: [1-Software] Display the trajectory of a single comet/asteroid (Patrick Chevalley)
0002313: [1-Software] CdC. Object details - Visibility info missing (Patrick Chevalley)
0002314: [1-Software] Custom comet mark on chart can no be updated (Patrick Chevalley)
0002269: [1-Software] Could not load library (Patrick Chevalley)
0002255: [1-Software] Windows XP 32bit - Skychart 4.3-4090 32bit doesn't install (Patrick Chevalley)
0002243: [1-Software] Cartes du Ciel is disconnecting from INDI our telescope driver when GoTo destination rejected (Patrick Chevalley)
0002227: [1-Software] 'skychart' has broken version information on macOS (Patrick Chevalley)
0002232: [1-Software] Objects flatten if they reach zenith (Patrick Chevalley)
0002222: [1-Software] Neighbour list showing Stars (which should be not there), 50 Pixel meaning not clear, not configurable? (Patrick Chevalley)
0002215: [1-Software] Simulation during transit (Patrick Chevalley)
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Scheduled For Release 21-06-16
0000281: [1-Software] Labeling Option
0000097: [1-Software] Description of object
0000260: [1-Software] Feature Suggestion
0000274: [1-Software] Stars on blue background/labels and lines on the blue background
0000291: [1-Software] Comets list filtered by magnitude
0000294: [1-Software] Telrad Finder Circle Values
0000296: [1-Software] feature cross hairs
0000319: [1-Software] Feature Suggestion
0000320: [1-Software] Including Pictures from Astronomy Communities
0001749: [1-Software] Fcitx Input method - double characters on input in CDC
0001644: [1-Software] Unable to Open CdC from Dock after Collapsing Window (Patrick Chevalley)
0001626: [1-Software] New GUI
0001362: [1-Software] Compass Rose and RA Scale (Patrick Chevalley)
0001040: [1-Software] Different language for menu and charts (Patrick Chevalley)
0000298: [1-Software] Add Meteor Shower Data
0001025: [1-Software] Meteor showers
0000988: [1-Software] Double Star Component Plot (Patrick Chevalley)
0000519: [1-Software] Star chart print out appears overly busy
0000825: [1-Software] Skychart without gtk/X to run (Patrick Chevalley)
0000807: [1-Software] Missing ability to create multi-line labels
0000808: [1-Software] Labels should have a fill colour option
0000811: [1-Software] Deep sky filter: Option to use Surface Brightness instead of Magnitude
0001693: [3-Documentation] PDF help - it and uk
0000033: [1-Software] Position navigaton (Patrick Chevalley)
0002213: [1-Software] Skychart Version 4.2 "Access Violation" message box when connecting to INDI Telescope (Patrick Chevalley)
0002132: [1-Software] CdC crashes on Raspberry Pi after turning on Observer Tools tool box (Patrick Chevalley)
0001748: [1-Software] Add Planisphere Circles with Months and Days (Patrick Chevalley)
0001858: [1-Software] Implementation of Astrometry in images with Sky Chart. (Patrick Chevalley)
0000035: [1-Software] Observer data setting and Earth map (Patrick Chevalley)
0000034: [1-Software] Time navigation (Patrick Chevalley)
0001279: [1-Software] Move label with arrow keys (Patrick Chevalley)
0000657: [1-Software] Configuration mixed up with multiple charts (Patrick Chevalley)
0001719: [1-Software] MPC data update - extremely slow (Patrick Chevalley)
0001500: [1-Software] ToolBar icon - transparent color missing
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