Mantis upgrade

Patrick Chevalley      10-09-28 13:26

A new version of Mantis is installed.

I also change the attachment configuration to put them in database.
A consequence is that some previously loaded attachment are no more visible. I reload only the attachment for the bug that are still open.

Bugtracker for SkyChart and Virtual Moon Atlas

Patrick Chevalley      06-02-08 11:09

This is the new bugtracker for the SkyChart and Virtual Moon Atlas project.

You need to register an account to submit a bug.
If you just want to look at the existing reports click "View Issues" now.

Please use the following guideline when submiting a bug:

- Use the latest snapshot version (see below).
- Search first if the issue is not already reported. If it is and you want to add some information, add a note to the existing report.
- Use only English language (or something like English, as I do :).
- Be sure to report the bug to the corresponding project "Skychart" or "Virtual Moon Atlas".

See here for updated binary version with the latest patch.
And here
 for the full SVN change log.