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GAIA DR3 2024/02/25 10:59

Cartes du Ciel is free software released under the terms of the
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Version 3 beta 0.1.6

Last beta before a stable version

The next version later this year will be the first stable version of the V3.

Change of the location of the configuration files

This version change the location of the configuration files.

For Windows this is now %LOCALAPPDATA%\Skychart and for Linux ~/.skychart

The program configuration is reset to the default values.

After the first run you can copy the files you want to keep to the new folder.

Do NOT copy cartesduciel.ini because it contain invalid file path.
You can then totally remove the folders My Documents\Cartes du Ciel or ~/cartes_du_ciel and ~/.cartesduciel.ini

For Linux the application data directory also change for /usr/share/skychart, if you install additional catalogs you must move them from /usr/share/apps/skychart.


The program documentation make a big start at the initiative of Marceau GUIHARD.
Thanks to the work of all the people who work on the wiki there is now a nearly complete documentation you can directly access from the program.
You can use the Help button or F1 key almost everywhere in the program.

Astronomical clock:

An astronomical clock is now available from the View/Clock menu.

The new program cdcicon show this clock with the sidereal time on the task bar.
A right click on the icon show a menu to start directly the Calendar or Skychart.

The Windows installer give you an option to start this program automatically.

Variable stars Observer:

A new version of the VarObs program is now part of Skychart.

This version is modified for the new AAVSO file format and store the files in the same directory as Skychart.

Other change:

  • Update the time zone information for Windows. On Unix use the system time zone.
  • The meridian line is show with the “other line” color for more visibility.
  • Show the compiler version in the About box.
  • It is now possible to change the star size in line mode for display or printing from configuration/display.
  • To reduce label overlap the label from different source are now draw at different position around an object.
  • Add command line options
  • New Icelandic translation by Sverrir Gudmundsson.
  • New Chinese translation by Lam Xiang.

And all the 92 issues fixed during development as show in this page:

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