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Wiki update

Change to the Wiki setting regarding the translations.

The Dokuwiki software use to build this pages has been updated.
The most visible change is the new theme but the most important is the new translation system.

As with the previous version the default language for the pages is set accordingly to your browser language preference or default to English if it is not available or not set.

All the non English language pages have been renamed to match the English name and the links changed accordingly.
This is a requirement for this system to work.

Now you can easily change the language when you are viewing a page by using the selection box on the top left. So you can immediately switch to the English page if it is too old or missing from the translation you are reading.

There is also a message show on the page if the reference English page as changed since the translation you are reading was last updated. And you can look at the difference with a simple click.

And to help to start a new translation the Wiki editor let you select the language you want to base your translation on.

Please read carefully this page if you want to contribute to the documentation of the program.

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