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0001278SkyChart1-Softwarepublic16-01-10 11:44
ReporterPatrick Chevalley Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Product Version3.9 SVN 
Target Version4.0 
Summary0001278: Add a performance optimization function
DescriptionSome options added recently can affect the performance in some situation.

For example a computer with a slow processor and a big screen can take several seconds to draw the horizon bitmap or a downloaded DSS image.

Additional InformationThis function can produce a list with the time it take for different drawing steps, sort the list to show the most consuming, and have a check box to disable the step.
At the moment it is possible to do that with the --verbose option but this need to be done in a more friendly way.
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Patrick Chevalley

16-01-10 11:44

administrator   ~0003157

Fixed a more simple way by the menu File / Reset chart and options / Set options for best performance.

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