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0001320SkyChart2-Catalog datapublic17-10-21 20:28
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Summary0001320: Greek star letters in catalogs
DescriptionI have noticed that with Extended Hipparcos catalog checked the stars are labeled with greek alphabet letters starting with a capital letter for example Bet Peg. But when checking also Gen. Cat. Variable Stars the variable stars are labeled with greek alphabet letters starting with a small letter for example alf And. Is there a way to have all stars labeled in a similar way when using these catalogs?
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Patrick Chevalley

14-04-27 18:52

administrator   ~0002863

This is a bit difficult because the GCVS use a variety of different names and CdC as multiple options to show the labels.

By default the label is show for both the star and the variable star, so beta peg as two labels, the greek letter beta from xhip and "bet Peg" from gcvs, I agree we can remove the second.
But "71 Peg" from xhip is also labeled "HW Peg" from GCVS, in this case it may be important to keep both.

An immediate solution to avoid the double label is to disable the "variable star" label from Setup/Display/Labels.

And what I can change in the program is to not display the GCVS label if all of this conditions are respected:
- Labels are set to show the short name.
- XHIP catalog is active and the "star" label is active.
- Option "Display labels for all star catalog" in unchecked.
- the GCVS name is three lowercase letter followed by a constellation name.

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