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0001357SkyChart1-Softwarepublic17-10-21 20:28
ReporterLance CarterAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
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Product Version3.10 
Target Version4.4Fixed in Version 
Summary0001357: Option for Grid Markers
DescriptionOption to display grid markers at intersections of grid coordinates. This would be useful for making star maps without lines while preserving visual coordinate location information.

Option to set circle and intersection lines size, diameter and length.
Option to set opacity of grid markers so not to block stars out.
Option to select grid markers from files.
Option for hours or degrees on outside of markers with font and size to be set.
File submitted shows that the grid markers are independent of coordinate grid lines.
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Lance Carter

14-08-19 07:10


Markers_Only_Grid-CROP.jpg (132,142 bytes)
Markers_Only_Grid-CROP.jpg (132,142 bytes)

Lance Carter

14-08-19 07:18

reporter   ~0002917

color option if possible

Patrick Chevalley

14-08-20 11:49

administrator   ~0002921

I agree with an option to replace the full grid lines with the intersection markers.
This can be implemented by an option in the "grid spacing" setup.

But I am not sure what you meant about "Option to select grid markers from files" ?

Also I not see the necessity for a specific option for the hours,degrees label, the mark can be labeled the same way as the grid.

Lance Carter

14-08-20 19:23


Lance Carter

14-08-20 19:24


icon-target-X.jpg (14,913 bytes)
icon-target-X.jpg (14,913 bytes)

Lance Carter

14-08-20 19:28

reporter   ~0002925

"Option to select grid markers from files" ?
Two marker files show possible marker styles.
Possibly just select a marker style from a list of samples, such as ones with slightly extended grid lines from the intersections, for example, or a bolder target circle, or pointed tips on the grid line extensions from the markers.

Patrick Chevalley

14-08-20 20:07

administrator   ~0002927

OK, thank you for the example, I was not thinking about marker image but I agree this can be a good solution.

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