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Summary0001360: Cannot find an object in a external catalog (QSO)
DescriptionI've recently added the QSO ( catalog of quasars and active galactic nuclei to my version of CdC (see snapshot).
But none of the categories available in the "'Advanced Research" menu seem applicable.
So, how do i search an object of this catalog (ex: J01483+0030) ?
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14-08-20 15:27


cdc-snap2.JPG (46,452 bytes)   
cdc-snap2.JPG (46,452 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

14-08-20 16:36

administrator   ~0002923

There is unfortunately not a general rule for that.
This depend on the name available in the original catalog and the choice made by the people who make the CdC catalog (here Martin Schoenball).

If you look at the catalog on Vizier you see there is a single name column in this catalog but it contain a variety of different syntax:

In your case the name to search is SDSSp J01483+0030

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