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0001430SkyChart1-Softwarepublic15-09-15 13:06
ReporterLance Carter Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformAllOSAllOS VersionWindows 7
Product Version3.11 SVN 
Summary0001430: Nebulae outlines do not disappear after crash
DescriptionAfter my program crash with cln files the nebulae outlines are always on, but clicking the Show nebulae outlines button only makes the outline brighter and picking it again only makes it a bit dimmer.

This problem has persisted to the latest update

I have tried to download the debugger program zip file, but my internet connection doesn't allow a complete download. I'll try to find another connection if the problem isn't easily solved.
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Patrick Chevalley

15-09-13 14:19

administrator   ~0003069

Can you check in Setup / Catalog / Catalog, if you have added cat/DSoutlines/dsl or dsln as a catalog?
This catalog is the "nebula outlines" and the button just silently add it to the list. But if you add it manually it will be always visible.

BTW such a line catalog is one of the way to solve 0001427

Lance Carter

15-09-14 22:30

reporter   ~0003074

Problem fixed.
In Setup / Catalog / Catalog /
dsl Stars and deep space ...
was on but turned red on clicking.
Apply made the outlines disappear.

Patrick Chevalley

15-09-15 13:06

administrator   ~0003078

Thank you for your feedback.

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