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0001440SkyChart1-Softwarepublic15-09-17 09:13
ReporterLance Carter Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status resolvedResolutionnot fixable 
PlatformAllOSAllOS Versionwindows 7
Product Version3.11 SVN 
Summary0001440: Open a chart dialog - full path unnecessary?
DescriptionFile>Open>Open a chart dialog
opens with full path in input box which makes the file name difficult or impossible to read without scrolling over to the left. The full path is visible at the top of the Open a chart dialog, so this feature is unnecessary or could be an option for easy copying of file locations.
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Lance Carter

15-09-15 20:45


Open_a_chart_dialog.jpg (69,004 bytes)   
Open_a_chart_dialog.jpg (69,004 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

15-09-17 09:13

administrator   ~0003087

This cannot be changed.
The dialog box is managed by Windows, not my application, and I am required to set the full file path.
On Mac or Linux the open file dialog do not repeat the path as Windows do.

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