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0001457SkyChart2-Catalog datapublic22-01-14 20:07
ReporterGianluca Sordiglioni Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86OSFreeBSDOS Versionall
Target Version4.4 
Summary0001457: Automatic catalog generation with CatGen
Descriptionautomatize CatGet to generate a new database inputting a configuration file and a text file, via command-line, in a Unix operating system
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Gianluca Sordiglioni

16-05-23 08:19

reporter   ~0003366

Very useful for the Washington Double Star database which changes daily

Patrick Chevalley

21-12-29 16:00

administrator   ~0007369


A standalone catgen command is available from:

Mattia Verga

22-01-07 19:00

reporter   ~0007370

Hi Patrick,
is it possible to have Catgen always built as a standalone external executable, also in a default skychart build, like varobs and cdcicon?
I can provide an icon and appdata and desktop file if needed, so it can be used as standalone GUI app or directly by CLI and installed separately (for example, I could make a subpackage in Fedora to enable only catgen installation to users).

Patrick Chevalley

22-01-10 16:16

administrator   ~0007374

Hi Mattia,

I make the change to build catgen part of the standard makefile.
I also remove the build of varobs_lpv_bulletin because the AAVSO no more publish this files for years.

I really appreciate if you can make a PR with the desktop files and icon. For now the program icon is the one used for Setup/Catalog.

Mattia Verga

22-01-10 18:41

reporter   ~0007375

Sure, I will submit a PR in the next days.

As I'm not a graphic, I've taken some free vector graphics online and modified them a bit by adding the CDC comet to maintain a reference to the main program... let me know if the attached images display fine for you.
bitmap32.png (1,315 bytes)   
bitmap32.png (1,315 bytes)   
bitmap64.png (2,511 bytes)   
bitmap64.png (2,511 bytes)   
bitmap96.png (3,664 bytes)   
bitmap96.png (3,664 bytes)   
bitmap128.png (5,197 bytes)   
bitmap128.png (5,197 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

22-01-11 09:28

administrator   ~0007376

Thank you Mattia this is very good!

Patrick Chevalley

22-01-14 20:07

administrator   ~0007379

Thanks to Mattia work the catgen program is now fully integrated with the standard skychart package:

This will be available starting with the Monday 17 beta version.

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