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0001504SkyChart1-Softwarepublic16-03-02 10:40
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Summary0001504: Additional Qt version for Linux?
DescriptionSeems to me that Qt widgetset is much more stable than gtk2 on Lazarus.

Is it too much trouble to you to make another, Qt .deb distribution for testing purposes at least?
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Patrick Chevalley

16-02-14 13:23

administrator   ~0003284

Not sure about stability, there is probably more Lazarus bug report for Gtk2 because Qt is much less used as Gtk2 is the default target.

I not want to make a Linux Qt version now to not add more complexity to the program installation.

But it is very easy for you to compile a Qt version, just install Lazarus and change the build target to Qt. The target is already defined in cdc.lpi .



16-02-14 14:38

reporter   ~0003285

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Thank you.

Zeljan Rikalo started with Qt long time before gtk2 become default and using it extensively. That make me to believe it is more stable than gtk2.

I will try to install latest FPC/Lazarus you using and as well required components and compare parallel with gtk2 version. This also may be useful to report any existed bug in CDC GUI, for next stable version you planning.

I have some spare time few days and I would like to provide some further tests in CDC GUI mostly...

Patrick Chevalley

16-02-14 15:22

administrator   ~0003286

The documentation page for source code compilation is still valid for current version:

At the moment I use the following svn version:

I will switch Lazarus to tags/lazarus_1_6 when the stable 1.6 version is released.


16-02-29 19:53

reporter   ~0003328

This can be closed. I will test it when free time allow.
Thank you.

Patrick Chevalley

16-03-02 10:40

administrator   ~0003331

I forget to say you must install the package libqt4pas5 to make the Lazarus Qt to work.

Also stable Lazarus 1.6 is now available, I use the following for all my builds:

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