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0001528SkyChartpublic16-04-05 21:26
ReporterJerry Hubbell Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformAcer Aspire V5 laptopOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.10 
Summary0001528: Sidereal Time off by several minutes
DescriptionThe Clock display for Sidereal Time is off by several minutes.
Steps To ReproduceView Clock and observe Sidereal Time Value
Additional InformationI have verified that the longitude is correctly set and have compared the sidereal time displayed by the clock application to the Sidereal time in MaximDL and also a Sidereal Time app on my android cell phone.
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Patrick Chevalley

16-04-05 16:31


sidereal.jpg (153,911 bytes)   
sidereal.jpg (153,911 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

16-04-05 16:36

administrator   ~0003339

Can you carefully check your setup because I make a quick test using the online sidereal time clock at , and the result are exactly the same. See screenshot above.

If you cannot find the glitch please give a full example with the values in different application and upload your skychart.ini file.

Jerry Hubbell

16-04-05 17:48

reporter   ~0003344

Thanks Patrick for you quick response. I have uploaded a screenshot of our observatory pc display showing a couple of programs displaying the Sidereal Time. MaximDL status display shows the time value and there is a small window showing LMST near the top right of the screen. I have opened the Skychart clock application and you can see it on the screenshot. I have also attached the skychart.ini file from that computer.


Jerry Hubbell

16-04-05 17:49


skychart.ini (20,966 bytes)

Jerry Hubbell

16-04-05 17:51


MSRO Screenshot_SiderealTime.jpg (487,752 bytes)   
MSRO Screenshot_SiderealTime.jpg (487,752 bytes)   

Jerry Hubbell

16-04-05 19:25

reporter   ~0003345

I just checked the Skychart clock application on my local laptop here at my home and the sidereal time matches exactly what MaximDL says. So there must be a configuration issue with the MSRO observatory computer.


Jerry Hubbell

16-04-05 19:34

reporter   ~0003346

Patrick, I figured out the issue. I had set the longitude 1 degree to the west of the observatory location. It should be 77 degree not 78 degrees. Please close this problem report to user error.


Patrick Chevalley

16-04-05 21:26

administrator   ~0003347

Jerry, nice you solve the problem and thank you to report your finding.

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