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0001595SkyChart1-Softwarepublic17-01-14 14:36
ReporterSasa Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Product Version3.11 SVN 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version3.11 SVN 
Summary0001595: Datetime refresh - general behaviour
DescriptionRecently you have changed behavior of zoom in/out and search not to refresh datetime in order not to prevent fast moving objects to disappear from screen. That is very useful when datetime is set to follow system clock.

However, datetime is refreshed as well when:

1. Click on object to focus
2. Click on any icon (change FOV, grid ON/OFF, etc.)

Is it possible to make that behavior clear for all cases?

I.e., it seems to me it is a bit inconvenience to refresh datetime in some cases despite "Use system time" is set.

Or perhaps to add icon which will toggle "Use system time", without entering to "Date and Time" form?

This is more for open discussion, than to make simple report, however, that is all I can do for now.

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16-12-25 09:23

reporter   ~0003509

For instance, for me it would be useful not to refresh datetime when:

1. Toggle Lock/Unlock icon (recent Phobos close-up issues)
2. Move around chart position
3. Press on FOV icons (to follow recent change for zoom in/out), grid change and in general for any icon, expect these related to datetime change, except perhaps when change N,W and similar large direction or coordinate change.

Patrick Chevalley

17-01-14 14:36

administrator   ~0003524

I try another approach, set almost all the functions to not refresh the time if the FOV is smaller than 10 arcmin, but always refresh time (if option is set) for wider FOV.
This way the "use system time" option is honored most of the time except when it is annoying to move the objects quickly out of the view.

The functions that always refresh the time, also on small fov, are those related to setting a new time (auto-refresh timer) and those related to telescope position.

This is in revision 3425:

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