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0001688SkyChart2-Catalog datapublic17-03-21 10:19
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Summary0001688: Missing star?
DescriptionThe star TYC 3823-594-1 (HD94688) only appears on the charts when Tycho 2 Catalog is selected. When only Extended Hipparcos is selected the star does not appear on the charts even though it is bright enough. In this case when searching for the star, its position is marked on the charts and "desc:Zoom more to view object" appears in the Status Bar. Is this a catalog issue?
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Patrick Chevalley

17-03-21 10:19

administrator   ~0003740

Yes this star is not in Hipparcos catalog. Try searching Vizier I/239/hip_main at this location give no result.

This star magnitude is V8.4 and B9.9 but you can consider Hipparcos complete only to magnitude 7.5, with some brighter star missing because they not have an astrometric solution.
There is 2.7x more stars in HD than in Hipparcos

Using Tycho-2 here is the good solution.

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