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0001699SkyChart1-Softwarepublic19-04-28 02:08
ReporterMattia Verga Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.4 
Summary0001699: Make catgen use CSV delimited files
DescriptionIt would be very handy if Catgen could be used with field delimited CSV files and not only with fixed formatted files.

Also, would it be possible to update the "label" field length from 10 to, let's say, 15 chars? At the moment labels like "Identifiers" or "Common names" are truncated too early.

Thank you.
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Patrick Chevalley

17-04-06 09:34

administrator   ~0003758

Yes, CSV file can be very useful.

Changing label length is difficult at the moment because of rigid structure of the .hdr file.
But I have the intention to replace the .hdr format by an xml file and this will remove this limitation.

Basil Rowe

19-04-28 02:08

reporter   ~0005618

I agree, importing CSV files would be great!

In my case it would make it easy to plot the positions of new NEO’s and show the error in their position. This is similar to what I did for NEO’s in need of confirmation, however this is MUCH easier. The info is all on the CNEOS website (which wasn’t around when I did my spreadsheet macro). I’m attaching a chart I did, with Catgen and data from CNEOS. Right now in order to do this chart some reformatting of the CNEOS data is needed before using Catgen, plus there are problems with negative declinations. The process would be easier and faster when Catgen can import CSV files.

Chart_1.png (69,061 bytes)   
Chart_1.png (69,061 bytes)   

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