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0001752SkyChart1-Softwarepublic18-10-03 10:37
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PlatformLinux 64-bitOSLubuntuOS Version17.04
Product Version4.1 SVN 
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Summary0001752: MySQL support
DescriptionIf there is no special reasons for existence, mySQL support may be removed completely.


1. Double engine support (mySQL and SQlite). Make a maintenance complex.
2. MySQL is real RMDBS and much slower than SQLite. Especially record addition may be much faster with low level binding with SQlite.
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17-07-28 18:24

reporter   ~0003943

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(RMDBS -> RDBMS, mistyping)

Of course, I have read Help section about MySQL. According to it, MySQL was first used database engine, until June 2005 when SQLite become default one.

Sharing one database across a local network is one benefit of RDBMS sever, however, I find CDC more suitable as single use app for (advanced) amateur astronomers, in which case use of a RDBMS sever is an overkill.

SQLite database file may be used as well across a local network, in contrary to client connection on centralized RDBMS server - simple sharing file rules is used.

In both cases, some actions must be carefully controlled, as loading and refreshing different catalogs. For instance, one client only may request loading and updating the same (or any) catalog, etc. I'm not certain that is forbidden by default, except some quite basic (database engine depending) lock/unlock mechanism.

Of course, all this is my point of view only.

Patrick Chevalley

17-07-29 17:31

administrator   ~0003946

I agree this can be a simplification, specifically if some day I need to replace the libsql component.

Maybe for the next version (4.2) I can just remove the database selection dialog but let the mysql code in place to not break eventual existing users but show a warning.

And if I not receive complaint about this change I remove the code for 4.4.

Patrick Chevalley

18-10-03 10:37

administrator   ~0004918

For version 4.2 I make a change so it show a message on startup if Mysql is in use. Also Mysql can no more be selected in the options.

I change the target for this issue to 4.4 to totally remove the Mysql code.

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