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0001883SkyChart1-Softwarepublic18-01-23 09:36
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Product Version4.0 
Summary0001883: UI night colors
DescriptionHello, i'm Costantino, i'm a sky chart user since i started to be an amateur astronomer (astrofilo in italian). I would like to congratulate with you because SkyCharts is a very useful and complete software but i think that the night ui has lost in quality because in the previous versions the ui had black windows (not grey) and it's very uncomfortable at night when i'm watching with telescope. I hope that you will fix it in the next updates.


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Patrick Chevalley

18-01-23 09:36

administrator   ~0004403

Changing global color from an application is something that worked fine on Windows 95 and Windows 2000 but as been deprecated since then.
With Windows 10 no more including the "Windows classic" theme this option became useless.

The solution is to use a dark theme like “Hight Contrast Black” in the Windows setting.

Also upgrade to the 4.1 beta that provided button icons that are better adapted for dark theme:

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