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0002088SkyChart1-Softwarepublic19-06-20 08:03
ReporterWilly LE ROYAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
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PlatformMacOSmacOSOS Version10.13
Product Version4.1 SVN 
Target Version4.4Fixed in Version 
Summary0002088: Using gestures on a touchpad gives unexpected results
DescriptionIn order to zoom in/out a map using a Mac and a touchpad, you need to use the two-finger swipe up/down (this is normally used for scrolling though a web page for instance). This was ok until recently (a few builds ago, sorry can't tell which one) : this gesture now seems to be somehow understood as two distinct actions : it zooms in/out ok but also moves the "viewport" (uncovering a black background underneath the map) - then the viewport comes back to its initial position once the gesture is done ... Not sure my explanation is clear enough

I know you're relying on a virtual machine regarding MacOS testing so I guess this one might be hard or even impossible to troubleshoot on your side.

Having native MacOS zoom gesture would be a better option in my humble opinion ( pinch with two fingers to zoom in/out ), but this might be too Mac specific to be implemented

Anyway, Thanks for this wonderful piece of software and thank you for making it available on so many platforms
Steps To ReproduceOn a MacBook, open a map and using the scroll gesture (swipe two fingers up/down) and pay attention to the what happens to the viewport : it gets moved in the direction of the swiping while zooming in/out
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Patrick Chevalley

19-02-20 09:55

administrator   ~0005425

Skychart do not do anything specific for the touchpad and rely on the mouse emulation events.

But Skychart as now two different mode for the mouse, one to mark the zoom box and one to pan the chart. The default is now the panning mode because it look like this is most user expect.
Maybe this is why the viewport move when you try to zoom.

Can you try to change the mouse mode, using the corresponding button or the menu View/Change mouse mode.

Willy LE ROY

19-02-20 20:23

reporter   ~0005426

Thanks Patrick

I'm actually aware of both modes, but I may have to add that panning using swipe gesture with three fingers works in both - and it works as expected : the view pans smoothly, the viewport stays still. The problem is all about two fingers swipe, that gives the very same result in both mouse mode : it zooms in/out as expected, but *also* attempts to move the viewport in its window (here's a screencast showing the issue I'm experiencing : - You can see me panning and zooming in both mouse mode, and when the problem occurs, you can see the viewport jumping, uncovering the black background)

Hope this is helpful

Thanks !

Patrick Chevalley

19-02-21 14:41

administrator   ~0005428

Thank you for the video, this is so weird that I have not imagined that!
It look like it try to move the content of the window, including the scrollbar, as if it wanted to drag&drop the content elsewhere.

Is the gesture you use the one described here?
The only gesture from this page that CdC support are:
- the click to identify object under cursor
- the scroll that emulate the mouse wheel to zoom

I try on a Windows laptop with a touchpad after activating all the possible gesture but I cannot reproduce that.

No need to test more with the "mouse mode", this only affect the behavior of moving the mouse with the left button down, not related to your issue.

Willy LE ROY

19-02-21 18:59

reporter   ~0005432

Thank you Patrick for taking the time to investigate my issue, this is much appreciated

The gesture is listed on the page mentioned : its the "scroll" with two fingers swipe up/down, the very same that scrolls a web page or a pdf document up/down. The equivalent of a scroll wheel on a mouse I guess, like you suggested.

Again, Thank you for your time and effort

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