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Summary0002090: Cannot control between UTC and BST
DescriptionI want to generate a set of sky maps for each hour of ST (sidereal time).
I use 'set date and time' to set the date and time, and then save the image to a JPG file.
But some of the images have the time set in BST and some in UTC, according to the legend at
the top left of the window.
How can I control this - I want them all the same.
I see the same problem on Windows or Linux.
Product version is 4.0
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Patrick Chevalley

19-02-21 15:38

administrator   ~0005429

This is because of DST. You set some date in the range of winter time and other in summer time.
CdC automatically adjust for DST change following the rules set for the timezone you select in the observatory settings.

If you not want that, uncheck "Country timezone" in the observatory settings and select UTC in the list.

Do this solve the problem?


19-02-21 17:43

reporter   ~0005431

Yes, that's fine. Thanks for the help !

Patrick Chevalley

19-02-22 09:05

administrator   ~0005433

Good, thank you for the feedback.

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