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0002132SkyChart1-Softwarepublic19-05-14 09:14
ReporterBasil RoweAssigned ToPatrick Chevalley 
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Summary0002132: CdC crashes on Raspberry Pi after turning on Observer Tools tool box
DescriptionCdC will eventually crash after turning on the Observer Tools, it will instantly crash if CdC is connected to INDI and a telescope mount (can be any mount, I used the simulator for debugging).

The error is:

Access Violation. Press ok to ignore and risk data corruption. Press abort to kill the program.

A clue may be in /home/pi/.cache/lxsession/LXDE-pi/run.log
[FORMS.PP] ExceptionOccurred
Parameter type not implemented!

After searching the Internet it appears to be a Lazarus issue? Something to do with how the script draws things in the tool box?? No other tool box does this.

Log file attached
Steps To ReproduceTo reproduce
Start CdC on Raspberry Pi running INDI server
Open Observer Tools (F1) and wait
Start CdC on Raspberry Pi running INDI server
Connect to INDI telescope simulator
Open Observer Tools (F1), instantly crash
Additional InformationA strange error. My main wish is to be able to use the Hand Pad controls in the Observer Toolbox for slewing and not the controls in the INDI interface, but a fix for everything would be great.
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Basil Rowe

19-05-13 19:54


run.log (15,070 bytes)

Basil Rowe

19-05-14 03:14

reporter   ~0005648

Perhaps another clue:
The drop down selection window where the slewing speed is set (under the hand pad) is blank - no choices to pick (see attached image)

Missing dropdown.png (166,141 bytes)
Missing dropdown.png (166,141 bytes)

Patrick Chevalley

19-05-14 09:14

administrator   ~0005649

This is probably the same bug with the ARM processor that affect CCDciel:
The problem is the script engine fail to return a floating point parameter, making various error in the scripts.

But I have to try this specific case on my Rpi.

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