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0002169SkyChart1-Softwarepublic19-08-21 08:54
ReporterJim Hunt Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1 SVN 
Target Version4.2 
Summary0002169: beta 4.1.1-3995 - Remove all [Finder] Circles removes "normal" finder circle
DescriptionI hope I'be logged this in the right place. Apologies if not, Patrick

If you use the "Right Click > Finder Circle > Delete All Circles", then it deletes all finder circles including the "normal" finder circle. By "normal" I mean the one that is shown when you use "Right Click > Finder Circle > Select Circle (or Rectangle)" and select one from the list.

There seems no way to bring any "Right Click > Finder Circle > Select Circle (or Rectangle)" back into view, except by using "Right Click > Finder Circle > New Finder Circle", when all the ticked "Right Click > Finder Circle > Select Circle (or Rectangle)" objects reappear.

The same occurs when you select "Clear" on the new "Right Click > Finder Circle >Mosaic" panel.

Cheers, Jim

Steps To ReproduceUse "Right Click > Finder Circle > Delete All Circles"
Additional InformationP.S. I've let Ivaylo Stoynov (APT'd developer) that you have changed the format of the .cdcc file. :-)


Jim Hunt

19-08-19 20:32

reporter   ~0005860

Further investigation suggests there are more issues associated with this problem...

If I use the "Right Click > Finder Circle > Delete All Circles" I can't seem to get the "normal" finder back. So I'm not sure if "Right Click > Finder Circle > New Finder Circle" does bring the "normal" finder circles back.

Also if I now do an "APT > PointCraft > Show" then nothing appears after the "Delete All Circles" is used.

On a related topic (it was playing with the excellent new mosaic tool that I discovered the above issues)... when you select "Right Click > Finder Circle >Mosaic" then the "normal" finder circle disappears (which is a bit of a nuisance because it shows the camera orientation from the APT > PointCraft Show), and the new array of finder circles are rotated by 90deg. "Capture 1.jpg" shows the "normal" finder circle, "Capture 2 .jpg "shows Mosaic rotating rotating the finder circles by 90deg
Capture 1.JPG (248,265 bytes)   
Capture 1.JPG (248,265 bytes)   
Capture 2.JPG (278,060 bytes)   
Capture 2.JPG (278,060 bytes)   

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-20 00:18

administrator   ~0005861

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By "normal" finder, do you meant the one that follow the screen center?
In this case you can reactivate it from the menu Chart -> Lines/grid > Show mark, or by a click on the button with two concentric circle.

I deactivate it when the new mosaic menu is used because this additional mark that is not part of the mosaic can cause confusion.

Jim Hunt

19-08-20 10:48

reporter   ~0005862

Last edited: 19-08-20 10:49

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Hi Patrick,

Yes, I just wasn't sure what to call it.

I feel a fool now. The answer's so obvious. :-(
It just didn't occur to me. Thanks for the pointer. :-)

Sorry, I guess I should have logged the Mosaic rotation problem in a separate report? Is that intentional too.
Anyway, with the ability to redraw the Centre Screen Finder Circle, rotating the mosaic to the camera's orientation orientation is easier to achieve.

Thanks, Jim

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-20 11:37

administrator   ~0005863

Hi Jim,

No problem, your point is perfectly valid and now I think it is not good the mosaic replace all the previous marker.
Personally I not keep any saved mark, but now I remember people use them to mark preferred object or anything else.

This morning I make a change to the program to save the mark status when the mosaic tool is open, then clear the mosaic and restore the previous mark when it is closed. This is not a problem as the mosaic can be saved to file before to close the tool.

Can you test with this new version that include the change:
32bit version:
64bit version:

About the change in the format of the .cdcc file, I make it very compatible with the old format. For example a new file load without problem in the old Skychart 4.0.
But it can be interesting for APT to process the new information.

Jim Hunt

19-08-20 14:33


Capture 2-2.JPG (253,414 bytes)   
Capture 2-2.JPG (253,414 bytes)   
Capture 3.JPG (255,495 bytes)   
Capture 3.JPG (255,495 bytes)   
Capture.1JPG.JPG (228,813 bytes)   
Capture.1JPG.JPG (228,813 bytes)   

Jim Hunt

19-08-20 14:33

reporter   ~0005864

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the quick fix. However, there's good news and bad news... ;-)

So I do a "APT > PointCraft > Solve" and then an "APT > PointCraft > Show" and this produces the result in capure 1.jpg and is exactly what I would expect, with the correct FOV and orientation in shown in CdC.

I then "Right Click > Finder Circle >Mosaic" and, as expected, the mosaic appears and the "Centre Screen Finder Circle" disappears, as in Capture 2 jpg. . However, the Mosaic finder rectangle FOV's are rotated by 90deg.

I then click the "Show mark" button, to show the "Centre Screen Finder Circle", which does indeed show the original "Centre Screen Finder Circle", but it too is rotated by 90deg, as you can see in Capture 3.jpg

If i then close the mosaic panel, the mosaics disappear, as expected, and the "Centre Screen Finder Circle" returns to it's original orientation as shown in Capture 1.jpg.

The 90deg rotation of the mosaic and the "Centre Screen Finder Circle", when the mosaic panel is open, can't be right???

I can confirm that APT imports the new style .cdcc file without problem. Although the "Equinox" line does create an APT blank entry. However, Ivo has already acknowledged my .cdcc heads-up and plans to resolve the blank line issue and use the new data :-)

Cheers, Jim

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-20 21:34

administrator   ~0005865

Hi Jim,

This is a bug! I use the wrong index for the initial rotation angle, making it always use the rotation of the last rectangle instead of the selected one.
For my test the plate solved rectangle go in the last position, so it worked by chance :(

This is fixed and I make a new test version:
32bit version:
64bit version:

Thank you for your help with testing!

Jim Hunt

19-08-20 23:30

reporter   ~0005866

Last edited: 19-08-20 23:31

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Your thanking me for testing, Patrick???
It's just such a pleasure and an honour to be able to provide some small amount of help! I'd do it for free (hang about, I am doing it for free! lol )
Seriously, the amount of work you put into this product is way beyond outstanding and I thank you so much for that! :-)

So, back to business... that works perfectly. Brilliant!
It's simple, intuitive and does a perfect job. I just need some clear nights now, rather than this endless rain!

Thanks again for all your work.

Cheers, Jim

Patrick Chevalley

19-08-21 08:54

administrator   ~0005867

Nice! so I can close the issue.

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