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0002293SkyChart1-Softwarepublic20-02-27 23:29
ReporterAndy Assigned To 
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Product Version4.2 
Summary0002293: Asteroids not showing when checked
DescriptionOn Win10, using i3 dual core processor, will not show asteroids when selected ON. Win10 on Pentium 4 core, asteroids shown when selected on.
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Patrick Chevalley

20-02-26 17:32

administrator   ~0006355

There is probably some setting that prevent the asteroid to show on one of the computer.
Compare the magnitude limit from the menu Setup / Solar system /Asteroid.

In Setup / Internet / Orbital elements be sure the source for the elements is correct, if not sure click one of the selection button.

Then try to reload the new elements from the menu Update / Asteroid elements, and look for any error message.


20-02-27 23:29

reporter   ~0006357

Thank you. Am comparing settings on both computers to match.

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