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0002391SkyChart1-Softwarepublic20-12-19 18:49
ReporterMattia Verga Assigned To 
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Summary0002391: Build failure on Fedora 34 aarch64
DescriptionWhile trying to update to the latest svn version I noticed that I now get a build failure on aarch64 due to:
Assembling cdc
Compiling resource units/aarch64-linux-gtk2/cdc.or
An unhandled exception occurred at $0000000000450374:
EInvalidOp: Invalid floating point operation
cdc.lpr(160) Error: Error while compiling resources
cdc.lpr(160) Warning: "crtbeginS.o" not found, this will probably cause a linking failure
cdc.lpr(160) Warning: "crtendS.o" not found, this will probably cause a linking failure
cdc.lpr(160) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping
Fatal: Compilation aborted

Link to the full build log:

Using Free Pascal Compiler 3.2.0 and lazarus 2.0.10
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Patrick Chevalley

20-12-15 16:31

administrator   ~0006850

Hi Mattia,

It look like the crash is in the FPC resource compiler fpcres.
This is the step it compile the file cdc.res to make cdc.or the command is something like: fpcres cdc.res

For me it work on my aarch64 virtual machine with FPC version 3.2.0, Lazarus 2.0.10 and skychart 4.3-4238.
This is from my last night log:
Assembling cdc
Compiling resource units/aarch64-linux-gtk2/cdc.or
Linking ./cdc
130237 lines compiled, 333.6 sec

My FPC is build from the tag
Maybe the Fedora version include other change?

Mattia Verga

20-12-16 18:43

reporter   ~0006852

mmm, there are a couple of Fedora specific patches applied to the sources, but FPC sources are the official 3.2.0 release:

I'll probably not have time to look into this till next weekend... I will try to rebuild the previous version that was built fine in July in F33, if that fails it's probably due to something else changed in F34.

Patrick Chevalley

20-12-17 09:52

administrator   ~0006853

I try to search more about this message with fpc but found nothing with a floating point error, at this point I only found error about insufficient disk space or insufficient memory.

To be sure the crash is in fpcres and to get the parameters used, you can add -vx to the fpc parameter list.
In my this is:
options= $(opt_target) $(fpcopts) -vx -CF64 -dWithUpdateMenu -dUseCThreads -dLCL -dLCL$(LCL_PLATFORM) -MObjFPC -Sgi -vewni -l

With my X86_64 system this give:
Compiling resource units/x86_64-linux-gtk2/cdc.or
Executing "/usr/local/bin/fpcres" with command line "-o units/x86_64-linux-gtk2/cdc.or -a x86_64 -of elf '@units/x86_64-linux-gtk2/cdc.reslst'"

If the crash can be reproduced by using this command on a aarch64 system it is possible to debug with gdb to get more information.

Mattia Verga

20-12-19 11:48

reporter   ~0006855

I think there were some strange problem in Fedora build environment lately: I've just re-tried to build Skychart and everything went fine this time, so you can ignore this.

Patrick Chevalley

20-12-19 18:49

administrator   ~0006856

OK, I close this issue.

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