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0002413SkyChart1-Softwarepublic21-03-05 16:15
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version4.3 beta 
Fixed in Version4.3 beta 
Summary0002413: Ephemeris data about rise transit and set showing UTC time instead of local time
DescriptionDear Patrick
Not sure if its user error from my side. Local sunset timings were needed for remote imaging via chilescope. In observatory window, location data entered is as shown in pic and country timezone checkmark clicked with Chile as country. Result was too offset for such latitude and showing UTC instead of local timings. 3 means to check output ie. calendar, via right click on object about context menu and status bar entries all showed UTC timing instead of local timing. Is it like when UTC +/- data is not entered in observatory window and instead country timezone entered, timings of rise/transit set defaulting to UT instead of local timing erroneously?

But then this is not reproducible on all saved locations and other locations I've been using perfectly fine.
Steps To ReproduceSet Chilescope location as shown in pic
Find Rise, Transit, set timings of sun and compare with true local timings from other sources over internet.
Additional InformationUsing 4.3- 4335 latest beta version.
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21-03-05 15:50


location setting.jpg (372,001 bytes)   
location setting.jpg (372,001 bytes)   
about context menu output.jpg (288,089 bytes)   
about context menu output.jpg (288,089 bytes)   
calendar output.jpg (382,628 bytes)   
calendar output.jpg (382,628 bytes)   
status bar output.jpg (42,614 bytes)   
status bar output.jpg (42,614 bytes)   


21-03-05 15:54

reporter   ~0006932

Issue gets resolved when UTC-3 etc correct data is entered but defaults to UTC when country timezone was entered. But as I said, it did not happen for all saved locations which all are in northern hemisphere.


21-03-05 16:05

reporter   ~0006933

It got resolved in newer version. Beta 4.3- 4343 shows it correctly. Thanks!

Patrick Chevalley

21-03-05 16:15

administrator   ~0006934

This issue is because of wrong timezone files that where packaged with the beta 4335.
See also
This is fixed now.

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