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0002419SkyChart1-Softwarepublic21-03-29 10:58
ReporterAlan Smith Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Summary0002419: More entries in Setup > Display > Finder Eyepiece/Rectangle Lists
DescriptionPlease could you allow more entries in the Finder Eyepiece and Finder Rectangle list, I keep running out of entries to put in all of my optical combinations.

For example:

- I have two telescopes, both with 6 regularly used eyepiece combinations (uses 12 entries of Finder Eyepiece list)
- 2x binoculars (uses 2 entries of Finder Eyepiece list)
- 2x different beamwidth SQMs for sky monitoring (uses 2 entries of Finder Eyepiece list)
- A Telrad (uses 3 entries of Finder Eyepiece list)
- A CCD which goes on the telescopes (uses 10 entries of the Finder Rectangle list when fitted with a focal reducer or multipliers)
- A DSLR with 4x lenses for sky monitoring (use 4 entries of Finder Rectangle list)
- A guider/planetary camera (use 2 entries of Finder Rectangle list)

Based on the above, please could the Finder Eyepiece list allow at least 19 entries and the Finder Rectangle list allow at least 16 entries
(Perhaps make it twenty in each list as a round number).

Many thanks
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Patrick Chevalley

21-03-28 11:46

administrator   ~0006972

There is no limit to the number of circle and rectangle you can define.
Normally after you enter something on the last row a new one is automatically added.
Maybe it necessary to scroll down to see the new empty row.

Alan Smith

21-03-28 15:57

reporter   ~0006974

Hi Patrick, thank you for the reply.

The list is limited to 10 entries when using Debian 10 with Cinnamon. I have used Cartes du Ciel for approximately 15 years and never noticed this issue before.

It does not affect Debian 10 with Gnome and Debian 10 with XFCE, so it appears to be a Cinnamon issue.

Many thanks

Patrick Chevalley

21-03-29 10:58

administrator   ~0006976

More often this difference with specific distribution are because of the default GTK theme they use.
If you really want to use Cinnamon you can try to set another theme.

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