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0002436SkyChart1-Softwarepublic21-05-30 17:44
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Summary0002436: since old version and also other softwares, constelations remain the same
Descriptionwhat gives you the right to change the constellation lines?

Cygnus has several new lines, of which, you have no right to do that.
Yee wipe out God's Northern Cross, when Nasa even loves it Yee be a fool yes.
How many other constellation lines have you added to the entire universes ?

They are not yours to change.
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Patrick Chevalley

21-05-30 17:44

administrator   ~0007092

There is no official constellation lines, only the boundaries are fixed.
So anyone thing the "right" one are the one they first learn from some book or charts.

For this reason CdC include many different lines you can change from the menu Setup / Display / Lines.
In the box for "constellation figure" click the small button to load another file.
The new default is IAU_ConstL based on the widely used Sky & Telescope figures. But you can try the other to find the one that better match your needs.

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