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0002476SkyChart1-Softwarepublic21-10-29 14:59
ReporterMattia Verga Assigned To 
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Summary0002476: Bundled library chealpix
DescriptionI've just noticed that running skychart from command line I read "Load Healpix library failed".
Indeed I now see that chealpix is bundled and compiled by Skychart.

I'm wondering:
1) what it is needed for? I never had chealpix libs installed, yet I never noticed any problem running Skychart
2) is it failsafe to compile a bundled (and I think outdated) version, then rely on system library that can be no more compatible?
3) finally, if n. 2 answer is "no", would it be possible to move the code with the other libraries in libpasastro package?
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Patrick Chevalley

21-10-23 10:43

administrator   ~0007240

1) This library is only used to search for GAIA star number.

2) The included library code is only used for the Windows and Mac packages, on Linux chealpix is available on all the distributions.
Normally you just have to add chealpix to the Requires list in the SPEC file.

3) Not need

Mattia Verga

21-10-23 17:15

reporter   ~0007242

Thanks for the info, I'll add chealpix as weak dependency in Fedora RPMs.

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