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0002478SkyChart1-Softwarepublic21-11-28 10:17
ReporterBirger Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Product Version4.3 beta 
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Summary0002478: Let stellar brightnesses change over time (proper motion)
DescriptionCartes du Ciel seems very good at simulating proper motions, but it does not change stellar brightnesses over time. Sirius will be brighter in 60,000 AD (about -1.6), and Alpha Centauri was a lot dimmer 100,000 years ago. Possibly the info table could list the distance too (Alpha Centauri seems to have been located 15+ lightyears away 100,000 years ago).

Would this be possible to implement?
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Patrick Chevalley

21-10-25 15:13

administrator   ~0007247

Yes, at the moment the proper motion calculation affect only the position.
I can probably change it to show the right distance and parallax at the time of observation, with magnitude adjusted for the change in distance.
Sure, only for stars we know the full astrometric parameters.

Patrick Chevalley

21-10-31 17:16

administrator   ~0007263

This is now implemented.
The magnitude, parallax and distance are now corrected for the star proper motion.

This will be available in tomorrow beta version, please test and reopen this issue in case of problem.


21-11-28 10:17

reporter   ~0007273


This works great, thank you. However, I see that the values given at "Proper motion in right ascension/declination" do not change over time, nor does the radial velocities. Would these values be possible to display for the current epoch too?

Thanks again for adding this feature.

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