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0002666SkyChart1-Softwarepublic23-10-26 09:05
ReporterBirger Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 64bit
Summary0002666: Visualization of precession circles
DescriptionSince CdC is fairly accurate in its precession model, it would be nice to be able to see the precession circle visualized in the sky.
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Patrick Chevalley

23-10-23 11:29

administrator   ~0008605

By "precession circle" do you mean the trajectory of the pole within the stars?
This need a specific function to input the time range for the display and drawing the line at both pole.

Please confirm this is what you need so I can implement it.


23-10-23 20:37

reporter   ~0008607

Yes, that is what I mean. I imagine something like this (the orange line):

Patrick Chevalley

23-10-25 09:30

administrator   ~0008610

The function is implemented by :

You can test by installing a temporary version from
Will be in standard beta version next Monday.

Open the menu View / Pole precession.
Enter the date range and if you want mark or labels, click Apply. The circles are removed when this form is closed.
The pole path is show for both North and South pole.

Attached two example:
prec-2023.png : the detail for the currents years.
prec-all.png: the precession for the full range of validity of Vondrak 2011 theory, -200k to +200k.

Tell me if OK for you.
prec-2023.png (35,135 bytes)   
prec-2023.png (35,135 bytes)   
prec-all.png (390,425 bytes)   
prec-all.png (390,425 bytes)   


23-10-25 20:15

reporter   ~0008611

Works great, thanks for a fast solution to this!

Patrick Chevalley

23-10-26 09:05

administrator   ~0008612

Thank you to suggest this feature, it is more interesting than what I thought first!

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