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0002679SkyChartGeneralpublic23-12-02 14:21
ReporterAlan Smith Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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PlatformPCOSLinuxOS Version64bit
Summary0002679: Dimensions and shape of white astrometry result cursor in CDC to automatically match astrometry camera used in CCDCiel
DescriptionWhen using the astrometry feature in CDC (linked to CCDCIel) it displays a fixed size white cursor which shows the astrometry result.

Request is for the white cursor dimensions and shape to match the frame of the camera which was used in CCDCIel to get the astrometry result

Many thanks
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Alan Smith

23-12-01 14:30

reporter   ~0008653

Sorry I forgot to mention the request is for it to be an option which can be enabled/disabled (e.g. a check-box in Menu > Preferences > Planetarium)

Many thanks

Patrick Chevalley

23-12-02 14:20

administrator   ~0008656

I look to add that, but with an option that will be disabled by default because when this feature was added one of the requirement was to make this mark clearly distinct from the real telescope mark.

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