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0002711SkyChart1-Softwarepublic24-02-01 21:29
ReporterMattia Verga Assigned ToPatrick Chevalley  
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Summary0002711: Error building catalog with Catgen
DescriptionI'm trying to update the OpenNGC catalog to the latest version.
I can create the catalog using the main ongc file and the addendum file separately, but when I try to append the addendum to the main catalog I get "Error: File can`t be divided through 360".
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Patrick Chevalley

24-01-30 20:57

administrator   ~0008770

The error message is difficult to use because it is not directly from my code but from an exception that occur somewhere in the processing.
I not understand where a file has to be divided by 360.

I try to run Catgen again with the last files I use about one year ago and it still work without error, also when appending the addendum.

Can you share somewhere the files you use for that, the two fixed column data file and the two .prj files.

Mattia Verga

24-01-31 17:47

reporter   ~0008771

I have uploaded the changes to

I'm now trying to build catgen using the latest snapshot version and I'll try again to generate the binary catalog. (previously I was using svn 4639)

Patrick Chevalley

24-02-01 00:33

administrator   ~0008772

Thank you, I see the problem.

This is because the record length is not the same in openNGC.prj and in addendum.prj.
For example for the field "String 5" , "Identifier", the length is 209 in openNGC but only 85 in addendum, and there is some more issue of the same kind.
The total record size for openNGC is 672, the record size of addendum is 398.

It is mandatory the records are exactly the same to append to existing data.
This is what this warning message try to tell "This existing catalog and index must be exactly of the same format" .

I add some check for this values before to build the catalog:

But the effect is only a new error message, I hope more understandable.
You really have the make the data identical for both part to make it work.

Mattia Verga

24-02-01 19:47

reporter   ~0008774

Thanks, I have corrected the issue and will submit a PR for updating OpenNGC database.

Patrick Chevalley

24-02-01 21:29

administrator   ~0008775

Thank you, your new files work fine.

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