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0002712SkyChart1-Softwarepublic24-03-11 08:37
ReporterDamiano Fasoli Assigned To 
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PlatformPCOSLinuxOS Version64bit
Product Version4.3 beta 
Summary0002712: Indi driver shown by Connect Telescope - Navigation panel - When a direction button is released tracking is disabled
DescriptionIt seems that when the direction button in the navigation panel is released to stop motion any motion of the telescope is aborted

It seems that the software sent the Indi command Abort to the Indi driver to stop the motion, instead of repeating the motion command with a stop flag instead of a start flag

KStars for example behaves so.

From what i know in inditelescope.h
there is

        enum TelescopeMotionCommand
            MOTION_START = 0,

And a move command, for example MoveWE can be used both to start and to stop the motion, using the appropriate command argument (TelescopeMotionCommand)

         * \brief Move the telescope in the direction dir.
         * \param dir direction of motion
         * \param command Start or Stop command
         * \return True if successful, false otherwise
         * \note If not implemented by the child class, this function by default returns false with a
         * warning message.
        virtual bool MoveWE(INDI_DIR_WE dir, TelescopeMotionCommand command);

I believe that the navigation panel should use these possibilities to stop motion in other to preserve tracking after releasing the button

I have a Bresser Exos II mount with Indi driver, but I believe the matter is general
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Damiano Fasoli

24-02-01 01:21

reporter   ~0008773

From the trace it seems these commands are sent to Indi driver

This to move west

2024-02-01T01:08:05.727 Send buffer=<newSwitchVector device="BRESSER Messier EXOS-2 EQ GoTo" name="TELESCOPE_MOTION_WE"> <oneSwitch name="MOTION_WEST"> On </oneSwitch> <oneSwitch name="MOTION_EAST"> Off </oneSwitch></newSwitchVector>

And this to abort the motion (three commands)

<newSwitchVector device="BRESSER Messier EXOS-2 EQ GoTo" name="TELESCOPE_ABORT_MOTION"> <oneSwitch name="ABORT"> On </oneSwitch></newSwitchVector>
<newSwitchVector device="BRESSER Messier EXOS-2 EQ GoTo" name="TELESCOPE_MOTION_WE"> <oneSwitch name="MOTION_WEST"> Off </oneSwitch> <oneSwitch name="MOTION_EAST"> Off </oneSwitch></newSwitchVector>
<newSwitchVector device="BRESSER Messier EXOS-2 EQ GoTo" name="TELESCOPE_MOTION_NS"> <oneSwitch name="MOTION_NORTH"> Off </oneSwitch> <oneSwitch name="MOTION_SOUTH"> Off </oneSwitch></newSwitchVector>

Perhaps the problem is the first one that shouldn't be sent

Having released the Move West direction button perhaps even the third command shouldn't be sent. Only the second command

Damiano Fasoli

24-02-02 06:26

reporter   ~0008776

CCDCiel works well on the same function!

The problem is only with SkyChart

By the way, as seen in KStars, also diagonal button directions can move the mount, combining WE and NS motions.
at the same time

Patrick Chevalley

24-02-02 16:42

administrator   ~0008777

Thank you to remind me of this.
In the past it was necessary to invoke TELESCOPE_ABORT_MOTION to stop the motion started by TELESCOPE_MOTION_.
It look like this is no more necessary and sending TELESCOPE_MOTION_ with both switch off now work.
I make the change first in CCDciel some time ago for testing but forget to change CdC.

I make the change now.
Note the middle button still send a TELESCOPE_ABORT_MOTION because it is intended for emergency use.

This will be available tomorrow in the daily build:

I already have the diagonal button in my Eqmod client. I will look to also add them here.

Damiano Fasoli

24-02-06 22:12

reporter   ~0008778

Ok, it works well

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